School Rescue is an organization dedicated to improving the fiscal and operational practices of charter schools in financial jeopardy, working with investors to satisfy loan metrics and School Boards to meet the Authorizer’s demand for a thriving, stable school.


School Rescue was founded in 2017 to work with Investors and School Boards to overcome or avoid financial and operational distress that might lead to school closure or diminished services to children. Investors are often confronted with high stress loans for school property, furnishings, and equipment. In these situations sustainable financial and operational systems must be in place to ensure long-term stability.


Both Boards and Lenders look to School Rescue to establish the systems and discipline needed to secure loans and recover from financial crisis. School Rescue brings the practitioner’s point of view, which occasionally differs from the S&P measures, to ensure effective financial and operations Policy, Principles, and Practices.


With more than four decades of experience in school administration and management, School Rescue President Sid Faucette brings unique credentials to offer frontline experience and wisdom to distress laden situations.



Faucette’s Expertise

• School Financial, Operations, and Strategic Consultant

• Charter School Management Executive for 19 Years

• Public School Superintendent for 14 Years in Small and Large Districts

• Elementary and High School Principal for 10 Years

• Doctorate and Masters in Educational Leadership from the University of Virginia

• School Leadership Institute for Ferris State University



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Enduring Principles

“A Setback is a Setup for a Comeback” -Dr. Willie Jolley


President Sid Faucette cares deeply about children of poverty and can’t stand to see them without choices in education due to justified school closures by Department of Education officials and charter school Authorizers and because many politicians don’t believe parents deserve a choice. He is troubled by the unnecessary financial failures that negatively impact all — Investors, banks, bond holders, families, teachers, school, staff and children. He finds it a mystery as to why Boards and administrators don’t tackle financial, operational and enrollment issues with everything they have before allowing a school to close.


Sid’s experience running and saving schools, allows him to come in to a situation with a practitioners eye for identifying problems and work with the necessary parties to fix them. He believes in “we” relationships, built on mutual respect and trust and sees his role as a partner to both the Board and the Investor, with whom all parties share the common goal of establishing stability.



Empowered by Values

Our values grow out of the belief in the American Dream. School Rescue is a “No Excuses” organization, committed to our client-partners results and social purpose. We offer three Rs as our values.

Respect. Responsibility. Results.



We believe there is “I” in team for the inclusivity necessary for a team to succeed. We pursue fellowship, synergy, and exceptional results. We believe in the dignity of every person no matter where he or she comes from and we know that every person has a story that needs to be heard as we build a community in which all people are respected and contribute.


We seek partners who share our enthusiasm to serve children. Those who serve education must respect the moral imperative to give every child access to the American Dream.



We are determined to contribute to highly effective workplaces where the end user is accorded respect and significantly improved results. We fully embrace the greatest challenge of leadership to do the right thing just because it’s the right thing. Often the right thing is not politically correct but moral leadership demands the right thing.


The hardest action for School Boards and educational leaders is to slough off what doesn’t work because the practice has a loyal following. We believe you shouldn’t spend money unless it improves instruction. Money spent should improve relationships, performance, and results.



Our social purpose is to make sure public educational choice is available to poor children just like more privileged children enjoy because of their parent’s income. Equity, one child at a time, is the cornerstone of access to the American Dream. Trust is honesty and integrity centered and is the soul of our relationship. Old fashioned loyalty and acting in one another’s best interests are outcomes of genuine trust.


We believe in accountability and the value of our work. Writer and business management expert Tom Peters once said, “What gets measured gets done!” The results of our work are centered on the client’s Key Performance Indicators established in the Scope of Work.

For more on Sid’s record of success and significant experience, click on the link below to see his full resume.



Sidney Faucette’s Resume



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