A Message From School Rescue President Sid Faucette


School Rescue grew out of my strong belief in the value of the free enterprise system in public education. There are two things I can’t stand: the belief that parents aren’t smart enough to choose the school that’s best for their children; and Boards and educational leaders who would rather make money while they can and close the school down the road rather than make the tough decisions necessary to make the school work for the best interests of the children and the parents who entrust them to the school’s care.


No charter school should ever have to close its doors because of financial stress if they are willing to evaluate and change ineffective practices. If they are willing to admit they need help and make the changes necessary to reverse course, School Rescue is willing to help return them to viability.




Giving Back


Operations Study 

Sid will consider assignments to report on the governance, financial, operational and educational condition of a charter school at the request of the Board of Directors. He prefers to work with self-managed and limited managed schools to avoid conflict with a full-service management company, unless the full-service CSMO agrees with the Board. The Operations Study will be provided at cost.


Non-Profit Organization 

Together with Joe Urban, Esq. (Clark Hill) of Michigan Charter School Resource Group, Sid is working on the development of a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization built to confront hot topic issues in the charter school movement with white papers and resources and financial advice from licensed practitioners. Over time Sid hopes the organization can grow to include school financing lenders and other services in high demand by charter schools and their proponents. For the time being the organization is focusing on two important issues: Student Loan Forgiveness for Charter School Teachers and GSRP Funding. As part of this effort, alliances with special interest groups in these topic areas are openly sought. Additional information on these initiatives will be provided at regional community forums upon the full development of the network needed to support them.


Leadership Workshops 

Sid admits he watches too much Bar Rescue, but his viewing habits allowed him to gleam insight from the business turnaround models utilized by the show’s host Jon Taffer and apply those insights to methods that work for schools. These workshops provide valuable information, resources and skills building sessions that all schools can benefit from, even those not on the State list of endangered schools. School Rescue Workshops guarantee valuable learning experience and the type of motivating OMG moments that have attendees feeling empowered.

School Rescue Leadership Training offers Boards and Leaders the model to turnaround schools with the 3Ls Model of Listen, Learn, and Lead. Board members and school leaders are empowered with the knowledge and skills to lead a team of experts to save their schools from distress and possible closing. Enroll in a School Rescue Leadership Workshop Today.


FSU Leadership Institute Ferris State University School Leadership Institute

To promote his passions for leadership and education, Sid is working with Ferris State University’s Charter School Office to provide future and current school leaders with comprehensive leadership development resources and training.




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*You are encouraged to share effective school resources to include on the list of Management Resources.  This is intended to be the start of Effective School Resources for School Leaders.